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Well-Trained Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Our team consists of licensed, certified, and well-trained armed and unarmed officers to secure your life, assets, and property. Well-trained armed or unarmed security guards, with years of experience, will have an edge over others when it comes to your security

Commercial Real Estate Security Solutions

We are prepared to provide you with security solutions for your Commercial Real Estate Security needs. We will protect your reputation by providing safety for your tenants and guarding against any intrusion into the premises of a commercial property throughout California. We understand the concerns your commercial property faces. Our devoted squad of experts provides support and best practices for safety and security.

Next-Level Mobile Patrol Services

Iris Protection Mobile Patrol Services is a cost-effective solution that enables security guards to check in on your property at random to deter trespassing or any untoward incident. Local Iris Protection supervisor will determine the best patrol timeframe and frequency suited to your unique demand. All mobile patrol services are performed by highly trained and licensed patrol officers.

High Rise & Apartment Security Services

We focus on residential and apartment security services of the condominium and high-rise sectors throughout California. We prioritize the enterprise’s concerns and challenges property administrators, homeowners, and tenants face. Our dedicated team of experts provides full support and best practices for the safety and security of high-rise and apartment buildings

Exceptional VIP & the Executive Protection

Our professional, licensed, and certified armed security officers in plain clothes will render protective coverage to high-valued individuals at home, while traveling, or at the time of public appearance. Also, our experienced, skilled, and well-trained officers will save you while traveling with valuables during trade shows, etc.

The Best School Security Solutions

Iris Protection Services secures your premises with security professionals who are trained to handle emergency crises and intricate dangerous situations. Our squad possesses state-of-the-art technology solutions so you can concentrate on creating a safer environment for your students, faculty, and staff. In today’s tumultuous times, an extra layer of security will provide peace of mind for the worrying parents as well.

Logistics Supply Chain Security Services

We provide supply chain security solutions to the distribution and logistics sector throughout California. We have a better understanding of the concerns and challenges faced by business owners, property managers, and tenants. Statewide, our dedicated team of experts provides you with the next level of support and best practices for safety and site security.

Bank & Financial Institutions Security Services

Iris Protection Services provides bank security services to the Financial Institutions throughout California. We understand the concerns and challenges of these institutions. That’s why we stay one step ahead of criminals to keep your facility, workers, and assets secure. Our experts provide statewide support for safety and security of fiscal services

Best Healthcare & Hospital Security Services

We provide security solutions for the Healthcare and Hospital sectors. We provide services to hospitals, nursing homes, emergency rooms, as well as research complexes. We aim to make sure a safe and secure environment to these dynamic and emotionally charged settings. Our Experts provide experienced support to hospitals in their needs of safety and security.

Exceptional Hotel & Hospitality Security Services

We are the best provider of security solutions for the Hotel and Hospitality industry throughout California. We understand the demand of modern concerns and challenges faced by all business owners. Our well-experienced team of experts facilitates statewide support and best practices for Hotel & Hospitality Security Services.


Manufacturing & Industrial Site Security Solutions

We are a well-known name for providing security solutions for the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors. We ensure protection against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, safeguarding assets and promoting a safe working environment. You will have our support and best practices with modern technology when it comes to industrial safety and security.

Best Residential Community Security Services

We are familiar with providing security solutions to Residential Communities throughout California. We understand the demands and challenges in the latest technological environment you expect from a residential security services provider. Our committed team of professionals offers support and superior practices for community security and safety.

Retail Shops & Mall Security Services

Iris Protection Services provides security solutions for Retail, Shopping Centers, and Malls throughout California. We understand the concerns and the ever-increasing need for security in the malls, shopping centers, and other retail establishments. We are here with years of experience, and a well-planned and efficient team for safety and security.

Best Construction Site Security Services

We are passionate about providing the Best Construction Site Security Services. To deter theft and vandalism, site security is a paramount concern in the construction sector throughout California. We understand the challenges project executives, property owners, builders, and contractors face. Our Expert Team provides support and best practices for safety and construction site security.


We provide utmost protection for your private events, concerts, sporting events, or concerts in order to avert any internal or external threat. Our staff is trained to handle brawls, manning and controlling entrances and exits for orderly movement of crowd and conduct evacuation in case of an emergency


Warehouse Security is the backbone of every merchandising business. Iris Protection Services offers excellent security to businesses who need to protect their warehouses against vandalism, theft and pilferage. Iris Protection has experienced officers who know how to monitor the facility, how to provide accessibility to right personnel to the warehouse and how to inspect the goods being shipped out.

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